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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why the silence

Have not posted any blog recently, not because there is nothing to write or I am having writers block.

Mainly because I have been busy. Busy with Dewali and my dad being here, spending as much time as I can with him, spending more time with wifey and doggie, more walks by the beach because I have a 6th sense that there will not be many walks left with Al E by my beach in Miri - the walks will just be in a different place.

I have obviously been busy with the biggest thing happening at work, the big Transition...

And with all these business and lack of sleep and various stresses in life, blogging somehow takes a lower priority.

But I am bursting to write about various things, things like how heartless gangsters tear down people hard worked farms and farm houses, how we need a foreign forensic expert to tell us someone was murdered when 80% of Malaysian already knew it (our CSI maybe needs Grissom), how I am looking forward to moving on in my work life etc etc.

SO, like in the movies, the above is just the thriller of the "coming soon / akan datang".

Take care and be well.

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