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Saturday, October 31, 2009

5 days a week

I hope this article is clear enough to read.

A nice hard-working guy had been dead for 5 days and none of his co-workers noticed it.

The person who discovered it is the cleaner on Saturday.

The article summarizes, "Don't work too hard, nobody notices anyways."

This is what Nil's musings is ...

- Be nice to everyone, including the tea lady and the cleaner. They may be the only one that bother to ask if you are okay.

- Greet people in the morning. It does not take too much effort to say "Good morning."

- Check on your colleagues every now and then and be aware of signs of stress. Everyone gets stressed for one reason or another and some people strive under pressure, but don't ignore the situation.

- If you have your own room in the office, leave the door open every now and then and make people feel that you are approachable. You may be slumped dead on your chair looking out of the windows and door closed and people may think this is normal (because you always do this .... some bosses in my current office actually do).

- Be alert of your colleagues, just because someone comes in early and is last to leave does not mean that you ignore them.

- Take time to cherish and appreciate and be grateful everyday for what you have today, hope and believe in a better tomorrow.

- A lot more to muse but in a gist, don't work too hard, nobody may notice anyways.

Take care and be well.

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