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Friday, August 19, 2011

I will find hope, peace, joy, strength and truth .... I will, I surely will

When life seems lost and so alone
No loving arms to hold you close
And time just passes by 
The emptiness inside wont fade away 
Till He came to show the way
We will find hope
We will find peace 
We will find joy 
That He brings
We will draw strength 
We will know truth 
Eternal life revealed 
Through Him
Like a ship out in the sea 
The raging tides sweep endlessly 
Blown forth from left to right
This sinking soul of mine can't hardly breathe 
Till His guiding Hands lifted me
I have found hope 
I have found peace 
I have found joy that You bring
I will draw strength 
I now know truth 
Eternal Life revealed 
Through You
~ Through Him by Patrick Leong

I have yet to find hope, or peace, or joy, or strength or the truth.

But I have hope that one day I will have hope, peace, joy, strength and the truth will be revealed. It is a journey, not a destination. I will surely find it one day, not today perhaps, but one day.

Take care and be well.


Macedonia said...

^_^. nice poem, hope the eternal happinese will come...to our life

Alezandro Mark said...

nice poem...