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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride

Can a weekend change your life? Actually all it takes is a second, maybe a nanosecond, a thought to change your life or they way you think.

In Malaysia and in many other countries, people born into a religion are forced to remain in that religion and have no free will.

But in all honesty, as adults, we all have free will.

Whether one chooses to be a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jain, Bahai, Jewish, Sikh, or even just follow a Buddhist lifestyle or be agnostic or even atheist is their own free will.

However, many of us are stuck in a rut, of just following because of fear, because of persecution and because of comfort.

In my many years in search for religion, I have read many scriptures, including the Bible, the Quran and many other scriptures. I even read L.Ron Hubbard's Dienetics to understand Scientology and went to a few Scientology meetings.

Somehow, when it comes to religion, people become very sensitive in nature.

But if it is race, it is ok lah to criticize each other. If it is gender, it is okay to make jokes or make fun of the transgender person or treat women as the weaker sex. If it is politics, we can make all the fun we want about DAP, PAS or UMNO or WhyMCA and MICkey etc.

When it comes to religion, everyone is too bloody sensitive and scared.

In my meditations to try to get out of the despair and anxiety I was feeling, my guardian asked me to go to the house of the Lord to seek some comfort and solitude.

I asked him, aren't we all the temple, our body is the temple, our flesh is just a vehicle and our spirits are connected to the holy spirit.

Of course, sometimes I am a wise ass and I will get wise ass answers back.

I am somewhat a clairvoyant but more a clairaudient and clairsentient. Read this blog of mine for more clarity of the differences. But mainly, I hear things and I feel things.

When I randomly open a religious book or any other book, sometimes even an autobiography of someone, I get the answer that I am seeking at that moment in time.

I am guided and my guardians and angels are always there to help me.

So, when my guardian tells me to go to the house of the Lord, I actually know what he means and I just sometimes try to be funny.

In the religion that I was born in, Jainism, it does not believe in temples or places of worship. The place of worship is within yourself. Of course, over the thousands of years, people interpret their own way. They want to create a place to meet, so they set up Jain temples. First they were empty, then they start to put statues in them. Soon enough, a religion that does not do idol worship ends up doing idol worship.

Anyway, my guardian Mahavira, a tirtha in Jainism often appears with his good friend Jesus. Yes, they are all friends, even Muhammad. And yes, Jesus is also my guardian angel, and more than that.

Nevertheless, if I was in Miri, I would normally just go to my good friend's church where I am familiar with the people and feel at home.

So over here, when the boss says go, I go. I prefer some cosy places of worship where people know you, so I went to a church my friend attends. I went to his wedding last year and quite liked the closeness of the church which reminded me of the church in Miri.

I texted my friend on Saturday to inquire if I would be welcome and he was happy for me to come. I went on Sunday, early as usual when I am going to a new place.

I came out 3 hours later, not feeling so much in despair and my anxiety was less. My energy and aura was more positive. When I got home, even my wifey commented that I had brought home a positive energy to the home.

It was simple worshiping. A lot of genuine love and compassion in the praise of the Lord.

I learned something new which led me to investigate, well, Google rather than investigate, but this is what I have learned. This search was mainly led by the news articles about DUMC (Damansara Utama Methodist Church) that was raided by JAIS (Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor - Selangor Islamic Religious Department). The news said that a multi-racial fundraiser by the church was raided by the religious authorities and particulars of 12 Muslims attending the dinner were taken down.

Al Jazeera once reported that there were 6 million Muslims converting to Christianity. I figure that the numbers could be the same for people converting to Islam but of course that is never made clear. In Malaysia, it was reported by JAIS or PAS or UMNO or someone that more than 3 thousand Muslims have been converted to Christianity.

I now personally know of two, I do not know their details but I know their testimonies. There are websites out there giving testimonies of people who have converted from Islam to Christianity and there are some testimonies from Malaysian Muslims as well. There are many sites about testimonies given by people who have converted to Islam like this link. Of course, the famous people I know are Muhammad Ali who is my favorite boxer of all time and Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens who is one of my favorite singers as well.

For a Muslim to convert out of Islam, he is a "murtad" or an apostate and this is a crime punishable. The Qur'an states that Allah despises apostasy, with severe punishment to be imposed in the hereafter, but not mentioning explicitly any earthly penalty for apostates. However, many humans Muslim scholars have interpreted that the punishment for apostasy is death and there is many debates about this.

In Wikipedia, there is a long list of converts from various other religions to Islam as well as a long list of converts to Christianity.

What we need is a tolerance of all religions and an acceptance that an adult will make up his or her own mind when the time is right.

People are guided by their angels and their guardians to the right path for them, I am guided and I know that the right path may not necessarily make other people happy but what is important is that I am at peace with myself and God, the Universe and the powers that be.

I am not God to judge you and you are not God to judge me. Let's be friends and let's have compassion and love for each other and leave it at that.

Take care and be well.

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Anonymous said...

Zeus or Jupiter was supreme god during a certain era and area.

For those who believed and force others to believe.. that was the ultimate ever lasting god...

Full of god regalia, priests, followers, believers plus an assortments of "god houses"...

Fast forward a thousand years ...

where is zeus or jupiter now...
where are they now?....
did god die ?

OR people wise up
and just stop deceiving themselves...

OR create and follow another god....

Fast foward to present time...
did the present god existed in the past..? in all areas.. all over the world...

Human create their own deities
and deceive themselves in the process.