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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Then and Now

Today is going to be a blog of pictures. Not much words as the pictures say it all.
I always liked John Lennon, he may be a commie, but hey, I want to be happy and since young, I think I understood life was about happiness and if I was happy, God would grant me anything that I so desired. 

 The picture above says it all. Nowadays, everything is done on the computer. At work, I no longer have a desk phone as all my calls are now made through the computer.
 When I was young, I would always be playing outdoors. In the rain or hot sun and never got sick. Now I make a million excuses just to exercise.
I had a study table and a bed in my bedroom with mostly school books and an Encyclopedia Britannica. No computers, no Internet existed and no television. So, going to room was a punishment. Now, it is more a reward as more and more kids hate to spent time on the dining table having a family meal together. 

 Sad but true. We have so many Facebook friends that sometimes we just do not spend enough time with real friends.
Go Google it. Google is not just a search engine anymore but it is a verb.
 The 1st scene was so common during my time. Our parents used to go to our teachers and support the teachers to punish us if we were naughty or did not pay attention. Now, we have become the parents and blaming the teachers for everything. Look at home, change your attitude and support the teachers out there, they are doing what they can within their means. Yes, not all are great but still, stop complaining and start helping the teachers.
My first TV was a 12 inch CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) and now I have a 42 inch LED. My waist when I had a 12 inch CRT was 26 inches, now, 35 inches. 

 Above is me now, 29 December 2011. Below is me then, likely aged 15, Form 3, so, circa November 1984.

Times may have changed, but some things remain the same. My eyes have been the same since I was born cause eyes do not grow in size. My heart has always also been the same, filled with love and passion but also sometimes anger against cruelty and horrible human beings.

Take care and be well.

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