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Friday, April 13, 2012

Manage from the Inside Out

Continuing my blog on Greatness, today's blog is not from Robin Sharma's Greatness Guide but from another book by Laurie Beth Jones titled Jesus CEO (Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership).

Most modern organizations have the alpha management style or the beta management style. Alpha using more authoritative use of power and beta more cooperative use of power.

However, the Omega method of management incorporates and enhances both alpha and beta. And most religious leaders including Jesus used the Omega method, perhaps maybe created it too.

If you think about it, He is one person who trained 12 humans who went to influence the world to the level that the time itself is now recorded as BC and AD - before and after his existence.

He worked with staff that was totally human, not divine and some of them who were illiterate, questionable backgrounds, feelings but they still went to accomplish His tasks that He trained them to do and they only did this for one main reason, to be with Him again. Is there any manager or boss in your life of working where you would go to all lengths to just be with the person again?

And the best of all, His omega leadership style is intended to be used by any of us.

Among one of his methods was that he managed from inside out, from the people closest to him.

Many companies have a sprinkler phenomenon of management, like a water sprinkler, so much energy is usually put in watering the outer reaches of the lawn that the grass closest to the sprinkler head is usually dead or yellowing.

Many managers and companies often overlook the people closest to them despite all good intentions. Most company receptionist are not aware of major functions or visitors to the building. I remember once where the functional MD of one of the businesses in the company was waiting for his sponsor to collect him from the receptionist and the receptionist was even unaware of a major function by that MD. Similarly, while many preachers and pastors talk about shepherding and finding lost sheep and sowing the fields, many preachers' kids are notorious for their own lack of it.

The author herself gives an example of a osteopathic hospital that spent millions on educating people about osteopathy on television, media ads etc. But 75% of the hospital's own staff had no idea what the word meant, the cooks, the security, the clerks and cleaning crew had no idea of the meaning.

You may think, "So what if the security guard knows more about the hospital mission?"

It means plenty, to the bottom line when the staff are more informed. Because they will communicate this to their friends, and this communication influence will be worth more than any millions you may spend on advertising.

Jesus understood this, of educating and informing his people first.

He depended on small circles to spread into bigger circles, like a ripple effect.

Jesus looked at the crowd and said, "Phillip, how shall we feed all these people?"

Phillip suggested that they be send home so they could find their own dinner. But Jesus was concerned and knew many would faint along the way. So He enlisted Phillip to help in solving their hunger and He taught Philip to empathize with people the way He did.

He made sure His staff knew what was going on at all times. Even when He was going to ascend, He said the Holy Spirit will guide you until I return. He kept the grass closest to him green, He managed from inside out.

How about you? Do you sometimes overlook the people closest to you? If so, can you correct that?

What is your system to making sure your staff is constantly informed about the facts as well as emotions or spirit of any situation?

Think about it.

Take care and be well.


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