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Monday, March 5, 2012


The two movies this year winning the most Oscars at the Academy were Hugo and The Artist.

I have not seen The Artist yet as it is not shown at the cinemas at the moment and not available at my favorite DVD shop yet.

I did however manage to watch Hugo which I had bought from the DVD shop because I doubt these sort of movies will come here anytime soon.

Anyways, both movies are coincidentally about old Hollywood movies. Hugo takes us back to Hollywood golden silent moving picture era through a young boy and the Artist, a silent movie that shows the life of a silent movie actor who looses out when voice comes in.

I truly enjoyed Hugo, it was motivational and quite heartwarming.

By the way, I also go to the cinemas and not just watch DVDs. Over the weekend, I went to watch The Lorax with wifey. It's a Dr Seuss based story about environmental issues about this town living in Plastic, with everything Plastic including trees etc because real trees were harvested for other purposes.

Why am I blogging about this? Maybe I really do not know what to blog about.

But maybe, movies after a hundred years are really succeeding to make people think more, imagine more and hope more.

Movies help me to just put some of my worries aside and fantasize and hope for a better tomorrow.

Take my mind off from the racism in this country where a blatantly racist question appears in a high school history book, where a state agriculture minister officially writes for aid to a blind man to be removed because the blind man voted opposition and where the government continues to hoodwink us with one issue or another including telling us Lynas is good.

The PM said the wasted should be sent far far away from the plant. I have a suggestion, let's send it to his personal home in Pekan and Damansara Heights (note I did not say Putra Perdana because that is the official PM residence and he should be kicked out anytime soon).

Anyway, movies, take me away from this to relax my mind. It takes me away from work. Takes me away from the "wonderful" immediate family members who are such a "joy and blessing" in my life (wifey excluded as she is truly a blessing in my life despite our ups and downs).

And it takes away from all the thoughts of all the "wonderful friends" who are so good that you do not have to worry about enemies or someone stabbing you in the back, just keep an eye on your friends.

But hey, movies are wonderful. One day, I will write a novel, a book, a story that someone will make into a screenplay and hopefully become an award winning movie or play.

Until then, I will keep musing.

Take care and be well.


anju said...

I have a similar dream:)

Noblesse Key said...

I wish i can be that boy.