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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creative and Knowledgeable Nation

In Malaysia, we have many creative and inventive people.

Unfortunately, our wonderful inventors will never be known throughout the world for a good thing.

The sun is a wondrous thing. It provides energy, light but be careful, it can burn you too. We have solar powered Bible's being used to convert the Muslims.

We have wonderful magicians, who make USD24 million dollar rings appear and disappear.

We also have submarines that can dive into the water, we paid a lot for it but it's amazing that when they first came, they were just ships, as they could not submerge.

We also have boys who are sodomised without being penetrated.

Then we have all the creative people who take a huge interest free loan to set up a farm but end up buying condominiums in Bangsar. I wonder what type of cows they are milking in the condo's.

As for our inventors, we have created devices that can detect whether there is a laptop in your booth so that they can steal it.

We also have these dvd sellers who have a wonderful distribution system, but also 100% clear copies of movies available before it is even released in Malaysia.

These same dvd fellas have also created a copy device that can copy thousands of dvd's simultaneously. And be sure to buy the gold disc original and not the purple disc, ok?

We also have lousy thieves, so unlike the professional thieves who pickpocket, we have people who will snatch and drag until they get what they want.

Now we also have axe wielding thieves to break through your car windshield as you are driving to steal your bags that you leave on your seat.

In Malaysia, we also have all types of traditions and medicines that can cure virtually anything and everything even diseases that do not exist yet.

Also, we got LRT's in Malacca that would stop on it's own to allow tourists to admire the historical town as they are trapped within for few hours.

And we spend millions of dollars in a SMART tunnel to elevate the flooding problem in the city but hey, the tunnel does not cater for flash floods ok, only normal predictable floods.

In this wonderful country of ours, I still can buy 50cents roti canai when the rest of the shops sell it for 1 ringgit.

Also, we have cooking oil that comes in plastic bags that apparently can only be used once but people reuse until it is as black as engine oil after 20,000 kms.

There are some truly wonderful things in Malaysia that I can write and write forever. Gotta be proud to be a Malaysian.

Take care and be well

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