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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crazy veggies

I recently did not have time to go to the wet market or Tesco to buy my produce, so, I instead went to Village Grocer which forms part of Bangsar Village.

Broccoli was RM26/kg. I have seen it either in Tesco or the Wet Market for between  RM15-19/kg.

Australian Celery was RM17/kg when the American ones in the market or Tesco go for RM6-7/kg.

Kailan was RM15/kg.

Local Pumpkin was RM6/kg when it is RM3/kg in Tesco.

Anyway, the point I am getting at is that there are many options.

Things have got really expensive everywhere and I am not saying Tesco or the Wet Markets are the best option for everything.

Many people tell me going to the night market is cheaper but I have found that for some fruits the night markets are not that cheap either.

Some months back, I went to Kepong wet market but while things there are somewhat cheaper, it is hard to get too, hard to park and hard to find for an outsider.

How about Selayang Wet Market - to be honest, I have not been there in ages, years but I reckon it is reasonably priced.

So, my haunts are either Tesco, Taman Tun wet market or in a rare ocassion Village Grocer or Cold Storage. I cannot find any chicken breast that is clean enough apart from village grocer, so I bite the bullet and pay the slightly higher price. In Tesco, the meat and chicken and fish section is just too unsightly and messy.

Anyways, recently, wifey read an article in the Star about organic vegetables. We normally have been avoiding them because of the expense but every now and then, she would buy some from this place in Centerpoint in Bandar Utama.

The article said that this place called the Little Green Planet delivered organic vegetables to you home once a week for a monthly commitment of RM160. Which means a weeks supply of  vegetables for RM40 a week.

For vegetarians like us, it is not enough for a weeks supply, but definitely quite reasonably priced for RM40. The picture above is what is delivered this week. You have the option for choosing Chinese style vegetables, Western style or a combination (which is what we chose).

For people who eat meat, fish, poultry - the supply is more than sufficient for the whole week for a family of 2-3. They have another larger package for RM60 or RM70 for family of 5.

The link of the Little Green Planet is provided above for you to check it out.

The vegetables provided last week were tasty and the free range chicken eggs were also very nice.

I am not really trying to give a marketing write-up for them but just letting you readers know that there are options available out there, not just in my hometown, but in your towns and cities.

We do not have to keep going to the Village Grocers that charge the price of Beverly Hills. We all have the options.

And perhaps, this has opened my eyes to eating organic - not because it is healthier or because of the environment - but because in this economy, price does matter.

Take care and be well.

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