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Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have seen all James Bond flicks, yes all 22 plus of 1. Why 22 plus 1? Because 22 were official James Bond flicks whereas 1 is not.

Can you guess which one?

Never Say Never Again, 1983 - This movie is included in the James Bond movie list even though it is not counted as an "official" James Bond movie by purists as it was produced by a rival movie company. However, to those of us who just enjoy James Bond films, it's still James Bond 007 and hence its inclusion in the Bond movie list. Sean Connery returned to play James Bond 007 in the movies one more time.

My favorite James Bond until this day is still Sean Connery and I do hope he returns to play a retired 007 some day.

I was a little disappointed when they replaced Pierce Brosnan but Daniel Craig has done quite a decent job although some of his roles were crap.

So, what is new about James Bond?

Well the official 23rd movie and actual 24th James Bond flick is in production. The working title is 23 but they will obviously have some typical James Bond movie title to it soon enough.

Daniel Craig will be back as expected. But what is new is the villain.

Can anyone name me the actors name of a James Bond villain? There have been many memorable ones but none of them were huge actors or big actors. Most of the villains were just method or character actors who always played secondary type roles. None were academy award winners or really famous.
But guess what? That all changes now.

Javier Bardem has officially confirmed that he will be the bad guy in the new James Bond film

Definitely looking forward to Javier playing a villain in a 007 flick and definitely, I will continue seeing James Bond flicks even if they put stiffs like Timothy Dalton in the role.

Will you be looking forward to the next James Bond flick?

Take care and be well.

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