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Thursday, June 9, 2011

They are at it again

The dog across the street, a mutt named Lassie starts to bark incessantly.

Al E gets out of his comfortable basket and as delicate as possible goes under the bed. Delicate as possible for a dog with claws on a laminated wood flooring is pretty much like a bull in a china shop.

So, I get up to see what the ruckus is all about. And open the bedroom door just in case Al E needs to pee.

Wifey is not in bed yet, likely meditating or doing her jewellery.

It is 2am.

I toss and I turn and wifey comes to bed. Usually she and Al E are my sleeping pills, so I try to get back to bed.

I take a drink of water and try to sleep through Lassie's barking.

To no avail, I lie wide awake for an hour and decide I have had enough. I am checking this out and I get up.

I go down and as I am about to slide the curtains open and open the front door, Al E comes trudging down.

So, I connect to Mother Earth, Father Sky and the Animal Kingdom and meditate. I ask Lassie and Al E what's up?

"Both tell me at the same breath, do not open the door, do not come out, they are at it again."

Not much needed to be elaborated. They are at it again but nothing can be done.

So, I continue my meditation. I do my Reiki symbols and send energy to Lassie, a dog that is always kept outside, so that I can protect him and give him energy to deal with whatever is out there.

He stops barking immediately.

Al E is sleeping by my feet but ever so alert. In his deep sleep, he twitches his feet but ever so aware of any movement that I make.

I take his green blanket and cover him up.

Then go on the computer for a while.

And after some calmness and stillness of the wee hours of the morning, I meditate again, connecting and seeking any guidance, any messages.

What are they doing again? Who are they? What is out there?

Of course all the answers I am somewhat already aware of but nevertheless, it is never wrong to seek some guidance, from the Universe, from the Divine, from Mahavir, from Babaji, from Jesus, from anyone that can help.

Within minutes, I see a video image like a old grainy color movie but using infra red in the darkness of the night. Something, someone is out there. Vampire strike back perhaps? Star Wars? Close Encounter of another kind?

Does not truly matter. What matters is they are at it again and this time, I am well prepared and protected.

As I am in meditation, slowly a violet light envelops me, then slowly my surrounding, the living room, the inside of the house and then it envelopes the whole house. The violet flame will protect the good and destroy anything that is not intended for the highest good.

The 1st line of defense is to have a shield. The shield is set and the occupants within the shield are well prepared.

Come on, come on, whatever you are, whatever your intentions, whatever your fight .... give it your best shot. You will be defeated, you will fail, you will not succeed in your evil intentions because this home is filled only with good intentions for the highest good of all concerned.

So long, just walk on by, do not even glance into this direction and leave Lassie across the street alone as well. Don't look back and don't bother coming again.

Take care and be well.


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Ser said...

A good post.. I know and you know who are 'these' characters...the more they are up to it, the harder they will fall...just watch what the Divine is capable of...