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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Love does not heal everything

Okay, so a few days ago, I wrote love heals and now I am writing that love alone does not heal. I seem to be contradicting myself but let me go ahead and explain this.

I still do not agree with anyone who says that love has to hurt sometimes - reason being that hurt comes from ego and not from the soul.

Anyways, what does love not heal? Love does not heal diseased cells in your body. Love will not heal cancer cells nor will they heal your HIV or any other simple flu or cold virus or bacteria.

It does not heal all of this because the intention of love is wrong.

This blog is a similar entry to my Reiki blog where I write more details about intentions.

I wrote about how water reacts when you give positive affirmation of love and gratitude. How the water crystallizes beautifully when we just say I love you and thank you to water.

But now imagine this.

When you say I love you to your cancer cells, all you are telling them is that it is okay that you are a cancer cell and you are killing me, I love you nevertheless.

Of course the cancer cell is happy because you love it and therefore continues to expand and expands to others cells whom you have not said you love.

All the good cells around the cancer cells hear you say that you love the cancer cell, so when the cancer cell tells them, "Come into my fold, the boss loves me.", they know this to be true. So they too become cancer cells.

So, the best thing to tell these cells is, "Look here, you all mutated cells, go back to normal and I will love you. I do not like they way you are now and I do want you to be spreading and growing anymore. Go back to your normal healthy self."

And close to 40% of the cells will actually stop growing. The will eventually return to their normal self.

And instead of loving your cancer cells, love your normal cells unconditionally, the healthy normal cells deserve all the love so they can have this hippie love fest Woodstock gathering in your body and convert all those right wing cancer cells and other diseased cells to go back to their normal loving selves.

Closer to my own self and how this has worked for me.

After my accident, I had severe headaches and vertigo for close to a month. After going to see various useless panel doctors who continued to prescribe paracetamol and various other pain killers, I went to see one final top panel doctor and got someone that was really good who sent me to do some MRI scans immediately.

It was discovered that I had 2 slipped disc on my neck which explained the pain in the neck I was having on top of the headaches and the vertigo. These discs were pressing on some nerve and causing all these issues.

So, I tried physiotherapy and I tried Pilates but finally I used  Reiki on myself.

And then I used intentions. I had the image of my negative MRI scan in my head and I intended for the 2 disc that had slipped out to slip back into place.

It was literally a cartoonish imagination and intention of the slipped discs returning to normal.

And low and behold, I do not have the headaches anymore nor do I feel dizzy or have vertigo. There is still every now and then a pain in the neck but then again others around me are always being a pain in the neck sometimes ... so that pain in the neck needs to be handled with other intentions.

But love does heal many many other things and indirectly it does heal the cancer cell as long as the intention and affirmation is correct.

Take care and be well.