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Saturday, November 20, 2010

If I was the PM

If I was the PM, what would I do, hmmmm??

First of all, I cannot be the PM by law and nor do I want to be the PM.

But here goes:
  1. If I am fat and bald and still can get a nice model to go out with me, why blow her up with C4 (wouldn't you rather have a pretty 1st lady rather than a big fat big haired bitchy witch.... well enough said).

  2. I would definitely not have a DPM. He is a dead weight and just demoralising.

  3. My cabinet size will be based on population - to some extent i.e. 1 minister for every 2 million people. So 28 million population = 14 ministers. Or like 1 per state.

  4. I will definitely reduce income tax. This is the only country where being a company especially a registered Sdn Bhd is more beneficial than being an individual.

  5. I will remove subsidy for oil and provide subsidies via income tax, i.e. people earning less that 50k a year get x amount and so on and so forth.

  6. I will not be blogging, I will not be Facebooking, I will not be Friendstering, I will not be LinkedIn, I will not be Twittering .... but my ministers will.

  7. I will have an open town hall session every week that is open for anyone and everyone, dressed in anyway to ask me any questions and I will not answer, "A very good question, I do not have the details with me but I will get back to you."

  8. I will not try to attract back Malaysian who have left Malaysia especially if they also gave up their citizenship. If you leave the country and become an American, or Australian or whatever not ... good luck and good riddance, we don't want you back.

  9. However, I would like to find a way to keep good Malaysians here as well as try to attract some others who would like to contribute to the economy in a good and positive way and not just have millions of 3rd world country workers here who send most of their money out of Malaysia anyways.

  10. There will be no longer a free handout or loans based on race. The term race and religion will be removed from all applications forms whether for loan, tender, passport and any other forms. All bonds, houses, amanah saham etc will be open to all Malaysians and based on merit rather than any other criteria.

But alas, I am not the PM nor can I be the PM but it sure will be a wonderful place if I was.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

Wanna be-PM...What about the our current kangaroo court and pararell laws in existance? No justice especially for those who convert & kids whom are converted immediately (like babies), what about innocent people being abused and some killed in our jail etc.?

Nil said...

I don't want to be PM of this wonderful country.

Anonymous said...

Believe C4 is true ,why 2 of us still not known now. Not in Paloh or sarikei.Do you know where are we ?
Ha..ha..ha.. Your country is raining and flooding but you feel it so hot ,do you know why........
GOd knows