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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If I was a girl

Ok, so Beyonce sang that song, "If I was a boy". When that came out, I was like, a boy would first of all not sing a song like that.

Now what would I do if I was a girl?
1. Nag my boyfriend.
2. Fake a headache or orgasm.
3. Admire myself in the mirror (wait a minute, I still do that as a boy).
4. Go to a women's bathroom and listen in on just exactly what women say behind closed doors!
5. Choose a day when I was not having period (I know period is a bitch).
6. Pray hard that if I were a girl I don't look like me as a boy.
7. Would not want to go through a childbirth (which again can be a bitch) but maybe experience pregnancy (i.e. have baby kicking in me).
8. Definitely not be a housewife for that day.
9. Likely get a manicure, pedicure, hair done and go for a girls night out.
10. I would go watch a real girly flick and see if my emotions are different watching a girly flick.
11. I would likely not sing songs like this though although it is funny:

Being a girl can be quite difficult even for a simple act like peeing, so I am quite glad I am not a girl. I am quite happy being me.

Take care and be well.


david_hatton said...

Love reading your blog, I'm a regular reader, beautifully written, found it interesting and funny at times too

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LinWots said...

Being a girl isn't that bad. I'm glad that I am not a boy! :)

TeraziLastik said...

topic 7, it has been written for me :)

Ser said...

Wish being a girl is a simple as what you have listed. However, in reality it is the opposite. Some perks and lots of pain! So do I wish to be a boy..nah (Except that wish that girls have a choice to pee standing too! :P - no matter how much and how hard a girl practises this act, never works well!)

Hikari~ said...

Just noticed that most of your posts are about "what if" situations. Interesting blog.
And yes, being a girl isn't that bad, like LinWots said.

Nil said...

David, thanks. LinWots and Hikari, being a girl is not bad. Hikari, if you read my past blogs, it's not just about what if situations. TeraziLastik, I assume you would like to be pregnant but not go through childbirth? Ser, being a girl is difficult as is being a boy. This is just throwing some humor in all of it.

Ser said...

Sorry, I do not find this entry farny! I find it demeaning.

Ser said...

I am sure being a boy can be quite tasking. Nevertheless, I do not see any humor in this entry.

Nil said...

Ser, you may not see the humor and that is your opinion which I am happy that you have made clear. There are many who do find humor or solace in some of the things I've written. I am not a girl and I can only make some guesses. Being a girl or a boy or a women or a man is a daunting task by itself.

M said...

:)))) actually this is kinda..odd:))

anju said...

sorry u cant write about a girl unless and until u r one........she is all different......sorry to say "she" is beyond ur imagination.......