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Saturday, November 27, 2010

If I was a ghost

This blog is not so much of what I will be like if I was a ghost but more what I will not be if I was a ghost.

There are a lot of humorous ghost stories and many have been published in this book even - Humorous GHOST Stories

Of course there are some classics but the following is why some ghosts just seem to have a sense of humour.

The Taman Kosas ghost - some time ago, I used to live on the top floor of a walk up apartment and I used to work shifts. This happened a few days in a row one week when I was coming back from afternoon shift - so reaching home around midnight.

At around 2am, I heard a knock on my door. Knock knock knock knock knock. I did not have a door bell nor did I have a peep hole on the door. So I asked who it was and no answer. I looked below the little gap on the door and saw no feet.

Next day I am asking people about it and was advised that I should wash my feet before I enter the house especially since I am passing a few graveyards on the way back and coming back at the "death" shift time.

So, I did all that the next day. At 2am, knock knock knock knock knock on the door again. Same routine and again I see nothing. So next morning, I get a peep hole installed on the door and follow the washing feet routine and get more advise and seek out some spiritual guidance - i.e. basically asking people if they knew a bomoh or priest or something.

3rd day, 2am, knock knock knock knock knock. I ask again who it is, I look in the gap below and after a while I gain enough bravado to overcome fear and look through the newly installed peep hole on my door. And I see nothing, I hear nothing. So now I am getting quite scared.

4th day, same routine, 2am knock knock knock knock and I follow the same routine. This time I am getting a little pissed so I look into the peep hole faster and I see someone. So I open the door and .....

A transvestite with a deep voice says, "Hello Abang (Hi Big Brother), I am looking for so and so but looks like I have got the wrong house."

Me: "We're you the one who has been knocking on my door the past few days at this hour?"

Transvestite: "Yah Abang, my apologies, I have got the wrong house."

Me: "Why did you not answer when I asked who you were?"

Transvestite: "Sorry Abang, I was scared."

Me: "You think I was not?"

Anyway, there was no more knocking on further days. The thing is, how come I never saw feet nor did I get the answer. Was the transvestite a real transvestite or a ghost transvestite looking for a lover who may have spurned him in his past life? The mystery remains, was it a ghost? If it was a ghost, I still laugh about it until now. Just imagine a ghost going "Hello Abang" in a deep voice, will you be scared or will you laugh out loud?

Luak Bay Ghost - this was before the time when I got Al E and a time when I was alone in my beach bungalow in Luak Bay in Miri, Sarawak. Many a times when I am alone, I tend to fall asleep on the couch watching some television.

This was one such day. There was heavy rain, the waves crashing against the beach and the frog orchestra had started as I was watching some movie on the television. I must have knocked off and fallen asleep around 1am plus.

Then around 2am, I heard the door bell ring. Ding Dong, Ding Dong.

I got up half asleep. Saw the tv was on, so thought the door bell noise came from the tv, so I turned it off. Then sort of was falling asleep again when I heard the door bell again. Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong.

It definitely came from my home, so I thought it was my phone alarm but that was not on.

Then the door bell rang again, Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong.

Now I was up and a little scared. You see, I lived in a bungalow that did not have a door bell or any clock chiming as such. None of my neighbours also had door bells. Plus there were barely any cars on the road behind the house.

Again, a door without a peep hole but we had a kitchen window that faced the front of the house, so I see through the kitchen window and nothing.

OK, so I am a little scared but then I am wondering, why does a ghost need to bring his own door bell? Furthermore, can't they just come in through solid objects. It could have just walked right through the door.

The Calcutta Hotel ghost - this clip from Russel Peters is hilarious, how ghost are sometimes not scary at all.

So, will you be scared by a ghost with an Indian accent. I would just laugh him out the room.

There are many funny ghost stories and what's with Casper the friendly ghost? Anyway, I am not a ghost nor do I plan to be one after death, so if you ever see me as a ghost after I am gone, it's not me and just laugh him out of your room.

Take care and be well.

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Daniel Dungeon said...

Nice post. Being a ghost would be fun as hell. Keep it Metal!