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Sunday, November 21, 2010

If I was a 76 year old widower

OK, so, it's soon going to be my ole man's birthday. He is going to be 76.

In England, it is said that the Queen will send a telegram .... nowadays an email to those who reach their centenary (that is 100 years for those who do not know what a centenary is).

In Malaysia, fat chance for anyone up there sending you anything.

Also, my mom passed away in 1998, that is more than 12 years ago, so the mourning should be long past.

So, what would I do if I was a 76 year old widower and had somewhat decent amount of money?

Well, here is what I will do :

1. Truly enjoy each day as a bonus day rather than sulk or be angry or crappy.
2. Don't get married but have a girlfriend who is young enough and rich enough.
3. Travel everywhere business class.
4. Make a trip to a place I have never been too at least once a year.
5. Celebrate my birthday big time (considering that he has never celebrated it before).
6. Write a will for once and be bias about it (nothing is equal).
7. My children's love for me is not equal, as such, my love for my children will not be equal too.
8. I will flirt with every beautiful girl I see, that will keep me young.
9. I will mix with people younger and more active then me so that will also keep me young.
10. I will not complain about the past nor would I complain about my health ailments.
11. I will surrender myself to God or the Universal energy and believe in every faith without any criticism - don't want to be pissing off the wrong person.
12. I will go out partying every day, have a couple of beers or stouts ...... wait a minute .... dad already does this now.

Well, as my ole man sometimes says when I tell him he is still young and half of his ailments are psychosomatic, "You'll see how it is when you reach my age."

Yup, I'll love to reach that age or older but hopefully I will have my lovely wife next to me still at that age or if not, I'll definitely have all the rest of the fun.

For the moment, I'm glad I am not 76 and just a sprightly 41.

Take care and be well.


Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

i like your post about your dad but I think you're unfair in some ways. I feel like you were critiquing him, and there are some things you said that are wrong. Love for children is extremely equal and depends not on the love you receive in return from them. Now you could site a million different instances where someone was bad or wrong but no of that changes this fact... No matter what the case a parent would die for a child. They would give their life for yours. Thats what makes it equal and fair and beautiful. The number or trips to the grocery store or visits doesn't matter. the love of a family doesn't have a score board. I'm not saying everyone always follows these rules- but they should. Love is a very simple thing- its doesn't know prejudice and it is unconditional therefore it is pure. Real love, like the love between a father and son or mother and child cannot be measured or expressed in inheritance.

Nil said...

Melissa, thanks for your comments however, I beg to disagree. While a mother's love is equal, I have not seen a father especially an Asian father showing equal love. Here there are clearly differences in culture and opinion, both of which I respect. Furthermore, the blog is tongue and cheek humour about how I would be if I was a 76-year old widower and your assumption was that I was critiquing my dad.

Chan said...

If you are 76 years old and a Penangite, you can collect Rm100 from the state government as long as Lim Guan Eng is the CM, hahaha.......

Ser said...

Well said Nil. I agree with you. Most Asian father are very unique in their treatment towards their children.
My late father's favorite daughter is me and I really sympathize with my other siblings for not having the opportunity to get to know him better.
Looking back, it must have been really annoying for my other sibling to be compared with me in lots of aspects like education, sports, being pretty, graceful etc. I just happen to do well in whatever task put forward, first in class etc. etc. etc.
Now that I am an adult, I just wish that things would have been different back then. Alas it is too late with dad but I believe there is still hope with my sibling. I still believe we can mend the thick animosity that is always lurking in-between us.

So, I truly beg to differ with Melissa Dargan Heintjes. Life's not perfect. There is no such thing as equal and fair share of affection and attention between parent/s & children. It only exist in fairy tale or folk tales and maybe just maybe in some families. Love is a simple thing but not many people can express and do the right thing. It the child that suffers in adulthood and the cycle begins again. Sigh!