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Friday, October 8, 2010

My name is my work

In many cultures such as Indian and even German, it is common for one's last name/family name/surname to be their occupation.

So for example, ancestors of the world famous Formula 1 driver, Michael Schumacher were shoe makers.

My wonderful ex boss Rademacher's ancestors were Wheel(roda) makers.

In Gujarati culture, people were literally named after their jobs as well like Gheewalla was one who sold Ghee, Dudhwalla a guy who sold milk etc etc.

Unfortunately, with names like this, the family was stuck in the same job for generations, so in some way a unwarranted cast system was created.

Even nowadays, I see the trend appearing back. People literally putting their occupations as their names.

Most common is doctors, their card will read Dr. so and so and people will call them doctor like it was their last name.

Some people are so proud that they even put their titles in their business cards, like PMP (Project Management Professional) - so PMP is their last name.

Similarly to all these titles that are given out by royalty, Datuk, Tan Sri, Tun etc etc including PJK, PJM etc etc.

And all the so called elected representatives that we can no longer refer to by their names but have to call them YB (Yang Berhormat or The Respected One).

And all the royalties themselves, including rogue blogger Raja Petra. Why not just call himself Petra or Peter?

Also, those who go to Haj, have to be called Haji or Hajjah and sometimes, any elderly person wearing a kepiah, you call Haji, no matter what thier name is. But I have a friend, who is Haji, who is YB, infect YAB, even Datuk and prefers to be just called by his first name.

So, preferably, call me by my name too. And for God's sake, do not call me by my job title, or my certification or any other names concocted.

Take care and be well.

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