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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The beginning of something, such as an undertaking; a commencement.

Science fiction action film written, produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, and Cillian Murphy.

The film, essentially a caper movie, centers on Dom Cobb, a thief who enters the dreams of others to obtain information that is otherwise inaccessible.

The film's title refers to the task of planting an idea rather than stealing one, a concept that Cobb is seemingly less acquainted with.

Development of Inception began roughly ten years before the film's actual release when Nolan wrote an 80-page treatment about dream-stealers.

After presenting the idea to Warner Bros. in 2001, he felt that he needed to have more experience with large scale films.

Therefore, Nolan opted to work on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

He spent six months polishing up the film's script before Warner Bros. purchased it in February 2009.

Inception is one the best movies I have seen this year. A movie in the genre of Matrix which comes around only rarely and once so often.

The movie itself makes you think but the action keeps going that it makes you see.

Always learned that there are 4 states of the mind when I studied Psychology for my bachelor degree. Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.

Beta being fully awake and alert. Generally associated with left-brain thinking activity - conscious mind.

Alpha is at a relaxed, daydreaming state. Generally associated with right-brain thinking activity - subconscious mind- a key state for "relaxation".

Theta is a deeply relaxed state, where dreaming occurs. Deeper subconscious to super conscious. More insights and bursts of creative ideas.

Delta is a dreamless state. Generally associated with no thinking - unconscious/super conscious. Access to non-physical states of existence. A key state for healing, "regeneration" and "rejuvenation".

I read in a journal that the lower your brainwave cycles per second, the more is your awareness turned toward your subjective experience, toward your inner world and the more effectively are you able to use the power of your mind to create changes in your body.

With each lower state you become more fully aligned with the source of power within you, with your unconscious, or if you prefer, with that part of you that is greater than you (your body).

Generally in Beta state, your attention is focused outward.

In Alpha it begins to turn inward, and in Theta and Delta it goes further and further inward.

The deeper you go, the more effectively are you able to enter your subconscious.

Theta state is a doorway to your super conscious mind, where you begin to gain access to your "supernatural abilities", which for most people manifest as bursts of insight.

The more time you spend in this state, even if you're not intentionally attempting to create a change, the more of these "abilities" begin to become part of you - you may simply notice that the time-lag between what you think and it's manifestation in your outer world becomes shorter and shorter.

And you can imagine that at the borderline that at the borderline between Theta and Delta, you're beginning to say "good-bye" to your physical experience of the world, as you're getting altogether into experiencing yourself as non-physical being.

Here your body is only a thought in your mind. If you are able to maintain your consciousness at this level, you can effect instant changes in the outer world. In this state, you can transcend the "laws of the physical world" because you're not bound by them any more.

Whenever you think, you expand energy.

In deep, dreamless Delta state, where your mind is fully resting, your body has the best opportunity to regenerate.

With meditative practice and self-hypnosis, you develop ability to remain conscious while getting progressively into deeper and deeper states.

For example, a person without any mind training will tend to fall asleep when getting into theta state, while a person who has undergone some form of meditative mind-training will be able to be very deeply relaxed, yet conscious.

The more you are able to remain conscious while in deeper states of mind, the less sleep will your require.

Now just imagine if someone or you yourself can plant a thought in your Theta or Delta state - you could change anything and have everything your desire.

You can create whole new reality, a whole new world.

This is done when you meditate, do yoga, heal and become closer to God and other super-beings that are already in the ultimate Delta state of being in Heaven - be-it Buddha, Jesus, Mahavir, etc.

Hopefully ....

Take care and be well.

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