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Sunday, July 25, 2010


When was the last time you gave something to someone with an open heart?

Whether it was a dollar, or more, or a meal, or old clothes, or a television set or anything that one time was valuable to you.

Didn't it feel wonderful?

Now I am sure there were times when the receiver was not grateful for the gift.

And unfortunately, this seems to happen more often now then when I was younger.

When I was younger, during the festive seasons i.e. Hari Raya, my neighbours would sent over a whole plate of home-made cookies and goodies on their best tray and on Dewali, my mom would reciprocate that.

However, even when the tray was returned back, it was never empty. At the least, the tray should be filled with sugar and my mom would always put some money under the sugar for the neighbour's children.

Nowadays, you'd be lucky to get your tray back .... so even when exchanges do happen, it now happens in plastic containers.

Yes we have moved on, and I have no major complaints.

Returning a tray with sugar and some money had some significance. Basically, you are not giving something empty ... no "rezeki". Plus sugar signifies sweetness amongst neighbours and the money wealth.

Recently, after returning from Miri, wifey and I have given away a lot of things and still giving away a lot of things.

You see, after a while, you do not have space for things and it is better to give away to someone who would be happy to receive.

Sometimes when I am eating in a restaurant and there are people who come begging - I normally do not give them any money but sometimes you know who are the genuine ones - so I do.

Sometimes, I just buy someone a meal whom I feel needs it.

But sometimes giving takes a toll when someone, especially if they are close, does not seem to appreciate it.

Sometimes it may get you down, but then think of the times when you have given something with a genuinely open heart and you were truly appreciated.

I am sure those times outweigh the times when people were ungrateful.

So, bah humbug and forget these incidents, don't let these incidents divert your good heart and giving.

Just give and you will receive.

Of course you can only give a certain amount because you need to survive too. You can't give all your money or all your clothes and definitely, you can't give away your life.

So do inculcate a giving habit - a certain amount each month. And open your heart and have hope to receiving but not have expectations.

Take care and be well.

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stranded cubicle said...

I gave away my seat yesterday to someone who really needs it and in return I'm stranded at platform and have no idea how to get back to shore.