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Thursday, April 15, 2010

What do you want? What do you need?

Advertisement is "the art of convincing people to spend money they don't have for something they don't need."

But what is a need? And what is a want?

And whenever I ask this question, what we really need in our lives, people don't really go beyond physiological needs and security needs.

Yes, yes, I am bringing up Maslow's hierarchy of needs, after all I studied psychology.

Now let's take a look at it again shall we..

I generally agree with the needs above but I do not think there should be a hierarchy.

Do we need a mobile phone, do we need a fancy mobile phone, do we need a big television, and do we need a nice house .... many people may question whether these are needs or wants or desires.

We desire because we want to fulfil some need. We desire mainly because it is an esteem need.

And like I said, I do not believe in the hierarchy.

I think our needs and when we fulfil our needs and what we achieve can come at anytime.

For example, I am confident and respected by others most of the time but I sometimes do not have security of employments or health.

I am not rich nor am I poor. Would I like to be rich? Of course, who wouldn’t?

Am I proud or humble? I think a person can be both proud and humble, my friends and family know me well enough.

I really think that people should be less judgemental of others.

There is just so much prejudice in the world. I have my own prejudices too.

And it is sort of a catch 22, by just saying people should be less judgemental, I have just judged people.

I guess we are created as such, it is in our souls, in our genes, in our DNA.

I do not know.

But everyone seems so bloody judgemental nowadays, whether judging one person a yuppie or judging another a weirdo, or judging one a spoilt little brat or judging another a boy.

We have all become bloody judges and we complain about justice. Here I thought justice was blind but it seems to have 12 billion eyes.

Ok, so this musing is a little of a rambling, but I hope you get my drift, I hope I get my drift, it's not a smelly one, trust me ... or don't ....

What I need right now is a nice cold beer and to strike the lottery!

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them (Mark 11:24).

Datuk, cepat sikit, kasi fast track itu vision ;)

Take care and be well.

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