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Friday, April 23, 2010

Someday we'll find it...

A friend shared with me about a wonderful day at a park when there was a light drizzle and a rainbow formed, the turtles swam by, the ducks came too, an eagle swooped in ... thankfully no sunsilk toads were nearby.

Yet there was some sadness, some emptiness inside, yet a sense that she was one with the Universe.

There was also a sad dog tied to a pole. Does he belong there, does he belong anywhere?

Another friend wrote to me, "I saw a rainbow in the sky this morning. It reminded me of God's promises to His children. It left me feeling peaceful and in awe of the greatness and wonders of our God. I pray you will also see the same and experience God's love & peace in your heart."

I got up one morning, opened the curtains and saw the calmness of the South China Sea outside my balcony. This was while I was still in Miri.

A rainbow had formed across the sea. The another rainbow formed.

Dual rainbows are rarely seen.

And yet that morning, dual rainbows formed over the calm seas and I could see a lone fisherman out in the sea in his dinghy earning his living.

There is something amazing about rainbows.

Rainbows are not real, they are just an illusion, an optical trick and reflection.

Yet, they are amazing.

The World is amazing. The whole Universe is amazing.

Sometimes we just do not see the rainbows in all the sham and drudgery.

Sometimes our eyes are closed, sometimes our hearts are closed.

But once we allow our eyes and our heart to see, then we'll truly see.

We'll truly see that rainbows are real, that the world is full of rainbows.

You'll see rainbows in the slums of Mumbai or in the hills of Beverly, from the ivory towers of New York to the Red Square of Moscow, in St Isaac cathedral in St Petersburg or in the Limestone Caves in Kuala Lumpur, in Central Park, Hyde Park, KLPac Park.

You'll see rainbows in your heart and in my heart .... and that will be the rainbow connection.

This morning I got up thinking of rainbows and rainbow connection and remembered that Mack had this song (The Rainbow Connection) by Kermit on her blog, check it out here.

Enjoy and remember, you and I, we are the rainbow connection.

Take care and be well.


macK said...

i had the privilege to see a dual rainbow while crossing a bridge - and rainbows are like bridges :)

bal said...

rainbows are real lah.
any child knows that.
but age brings a blindness.

and thenst a sadness.
looking at a rainbow and saying it doesn't exist, is like looking at the joy in the heart and saying it ''yeah but it's flitting. it will soon go.
You must ask the leprechaun. He will tell you we are nuts not to believe the rainbow is real.. god this is crummy writing sigh...

Anonymous said...

heya..i just got quoted! How cool is that! ;)
God's creation is beautiful isn't it..just awesome.
I saw the raibow then i guess at a certain angle it got difficult to see, but as i drove further on, it came into clear view again...and i was mesmerized.
The rainbow symbolizes God's promise to Noah not to destroy the earth with the flood again.

Like a bridge connecting one end to the other, someday we'll find it.
One things for sure u have a friend like me on this side of the rainbow! :D