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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Garfield is not alone

I had a great weekend, one of the best ones in a long time.

A great Friday evening(see previous blog).

A relatively quiet but nice Saturday. An evening spent with wifey at the malls and capped off by a late midnight movie of watching Avatar in 3D with friends.

I thought I may go to sleep as I was tired and this was the second time watching the movie but I was awake throughout.

Then on Sunday, Angie/Mack cooked Sarawak Laksa - so had a wonderful afternoon at her place (can see all the Facebook comments).

Capped off with a wonderful evening at mom's.

Then comes Monday.

It started off well enough. I worked from home which I find to be more productive. I had a few late calls and it was easier then going all the way to Cyberjaya and working there until late at night.

However, when I decide to go for dinner a t a nearby Chinese coffee shop/kopitiams, I loose my wallet.

It likely dropped somewhere and I did not realise it until of course someone had ran off with it.

Thankfully I was not injured, nor was anything used fraudulently when I called to cancel all my cards.

But there were items in there that were irreplaceable and some items that are just a big hassle to replace.

What did I loose:
1. An Aigner wallet - a gift and costing close to RM800.
2. MYID - Malaysian Identification - with clean shave, long haired look.
3. Driver's Licence - with my skinny bearded face like inmate released from prison.
4. 2 HSBC Credit Cards (both MasterCard and Visa)
5. 2 ATM cards (Maybank and HSBC)
6. RM400
7. Crystal - black Onyx
8. Some blessed items from temple
9. PMI Membership Card
10. 7 Habits Card
11. 2 pictures of Sarah - from those days when we were "oh so young and a lil naive."

But most of all ...

I lost my dignity for a while,
I lost my sanity for a while,
I lost my independence for a while,
I lost my cool for a while,
I lost my confidence for a while,

But I had you all,
my wifey, my family, my friends ...
to bring it back to me.

Take care and be well.

1 comment:

Ser said...

Things................can be replaced....Despite your forgetfulness, you do at times have good memory of our courting days...SMILE and be well.

Everything happens for a reason. One can never be careless or too careful .....

May God bless.