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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter already, I need bi-focals

I have not been blogging as much since coming back to KL.

Many reasons for that and many excuses as well. But basically, things have been overwhelming - work, settling at home, clearing 200 boxes, vertigo attack again, issues here and there, Internet not available at home for quite sometime and the monopoly of Telekom Malaysia making us beg for their services, studying for PMP exam and etc etc.

One quarter in 2010 has already passed. Easter is already here. On the northern hemisphere, spring is in the air and in the south, autumn leaves are falling.

Happy Easter to all that celebrate. This is the day that Jesus resurrected and maybe it is time for me to get a move on as well.

Three months have passed by like cruise control, 2 months in Miri and 1 month in KL so far.

But all 3 months have been sort of auto-pilot cruise control.

Now as I approach the 42nd year of my life and in a couple of days 41 years would have passed by, I feel I need to get back on the driver's seat and take the auto-pilot off and the cruise control off and take control of 2010.

A lot of things need to be accomplished and they should be, one at a time - men are generally not good at multi-tasking - so one at a time will suit me just fine for now.

I need to file for my taxes by end of April, I need to get bi-focals (yes, I have reached that age where reading has become difficult), I need to help wifey clear the boxes at home as well as at her mom's house, I need to get in touch with my spiritual soul, I need to start exercising, I need to start re-connecting with people, I need to start re-connecting with home, family etc.

Finally the Internet is up and I can start blogging again.

Wishing everyone again a Happy Easter and I am off to the optician to get bi-focals.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

Agreed...get off auto-pilot...stop needing to do this and that..When possible especially during weekend, pour yourself a glass of wine and join me in unpacking....Unpacking with a glass of wine is always soothing for the soul....Whoever likes unpacking....