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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

14 things to do when I am 41

So, some people write New Year's resolution.

I write Birthday wishes, after all, it is sort of a new year for me.

So, here are 14 things I would like to do while I am 41.

Not sure if I will have 24 things to do when I am 42, but let's start with the 14 first.

1. Travel overseas for holiday (I was overseas for work last year and did take a vacation thereafter but need to get away this year as well).

2. Study Reiki (originally scheduled to go 3 years ago but could not and Sarah went in place ... and the master has never returned since).

3. Re-start Pilates (not practised in 2.5 years).

4. Write a poem (have not done that in ages).

5. Make someone laugh (at least one person a week. I think this I have in the bag).

6. Make a new friend (hmmm, as I get older, it becomes more difficult to make new friends but we shall nevertheless).

7. Really re-connect and stay connected with the few close friends from present and past (DocB, Mack, Mr Steven aka Sathiya, Don, Datuk .... just to name a few).

8. Maintain contacts with all the close friends that are overseas (Sini, Martina, Darrel, Angeline, Hoon Wee, KK, Bernd, Dorit ....again just to name a few).

9. I'm 41, I think I really need to really start saving some thing for a rainy day (but every time I do, the bloody gomen esp the taxmen take it away .... hrummmphhh).

10. Learn how to tango (but it takes two to tango ... so, wifey, you up for it?)

11. Cook a 8 course meal for family and some close friends (hmmmm....)

12. Go to Penang - mainly just to eat and catch up with some old school buddies(again have not done this for nearly 3-4 years)

13. Bake a cake for Al E (not easy to bake for a pet considering sugar and chocolate is poison for them ... but bake I shall)

14. Have a blast of a year (not the explosive dynamite C4 Altantuya type of blast. But I will keep smilin', keep shinin', knowin' you can always count on me, for sure, that's what friends are for, for good times and bad times, I'll be on your side forever more)

I will be counting on you all too.

Take care and be well.

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