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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sie lor (die in Chinese) - Gomen Swindle Taxpayers

4% Good Services Tax.

4 means die in Chinese, so die lor all of us.

4% Good Services Tax.

What is the reduction in income tax? 0%

What is the reduction in car import tax? 0%

What is the reduction in goods import tax? 0%

What is the reduction in service charge that is charged? 0%

What is the increase in our GDP? 0%

And yet, we add on more tax, the good services tax, 4% proposed.

Can I refuse for bad services?
Can I refuse if the goods do not provide any services?
Can I refuse if my life is taxing enough?

The poor currently do not pay income tax.
But now, when they buy things, they have to pay Good Services Tax.

Ahhh, these are the benefits of capitalism.

Like my good friend Datuk said, GST is not Good Services Tax.

It is Gomen (Government) Swindle Taxpayers.

Exactly that, Gomen is trying to swindle us.

To fund nice vacations by the RM (1st lady), PM (Najis) and CM (cabinet ministers and chief ministers). They go for nice vacations, stay in wonderful yachts, spend millions of dollars.

Petronas money was not enough, income tax money was not enough, other import taxes was not enough, so now we have GST.

Gomen Swindle Taxpayers.

Take care and be well.

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