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Friday, December 11, 2009

Preparing KL Move for Al E

There are a hundred and one things to consider for my move to KL.

Amongst the more important things that needs to be done is to prepare the KL house for Al E.

You see, we never had a pet in KL and therefore the house needs to have some minor renovations to cater for Al E.

Among them include adding some doors so that Al E and especially his fur do not sneak into the kitchen area as well as our walk in closet upstairs.

Also, we need to have a few baskets for Al E to sleep, possibly 1 in the master bedroom, and one downstairs.

Maybe even a nice dog house sort of thing in the back yard or somewhere in the balcony.

Apart from that, we need to buy a crate to take him with us and check him in a luggage during the same flight as us and check him out and find a way to take him to the airport.

Arrangements will need to be made and flight expenses need to be paid.

All the paperwork and flight crate itself would cost about 2.5k.

The minor renovations and doors ... need to get an estimate.

Al E is also crate trained for his poopoo and peepee business.

So, to create a covered area for him in the backyard for his deposits during the day as well as an area in our existing toilet for him to do his deposits at night.

Of course wifey and I when discussing renovations seem to have some disagreements about the toilet although we both have the same idea.

And she keeps nagging me to do some Internet research for doggie toilets when I seem to already have a clear idea about it.

But as always, we should always please our wives. And through some Internet research, I came across the perfect design for a doggie toilet.

Now how do I incorporate this into the house?

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

If we going by the picture then need a 'MAJOR' renovation.....