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Monday, September 14, 2009

Samsu vs Whiskey

Over many years, there has been a battle between Samsu and Whiskey and over and over again Samsu always beats out Whiskey.

You see, Samsu is not much different from tuak in Sarawak, a poor man's or common man's drink. Whereas whiskey is a rich man's drink.

Despite the fact that samsu is difficult to get and those old days samsu houses are no longer in existence (there was one next to the Pulau Tikus post office in Penang), samsu still remains popular.

Whiskey, again is for the elites.

Now, of course anyone who has tried Toddy knows toddy is fresher and sweeter.

Now, going back to Malaysian politics specifically MIC or Malaysian Indian Congress.

I read from many other blogs and bloggers of how Indians have made a mistake by choosing Samy Vellu and his man Planivel and got rid of Subramaniam.

What do you expect?

Samsu Vellu will always beat of Whiskey Maniam. And remember Toddy-vel is fresher and sweeter. After all, while many Indians are now educated, they still mostly come from the estates and kampungs, like Kampung Buah Pala. And what is fresher and sweeter will always beat out what is elite and expensive.

For me, MIC, HINDRAF, IPF, PPP, the other Indian party - they are not fighting for people's rights, they are fighting to make their coffers richer.

Currently, I have given up on the political parties, be it in Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional - none of them really care about the rakyat. Proof me wrong if you think otherwise.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...


So does that fella on the loose and a Royal. You know who lah.

Everybody just want to fill up their own pocket.

What has Pakatan done for you and me and the general public...

What happened in Kampung Buah Pala can be avoided but that fellas up there just decided that it is not important.

Oh well.

bal said...

kampung buah pala aaah, all that tok soo kun's fault lah, that greedy bargger. now hindraf shmindraf osso go haywire one. so how? as my friends says one, eat rice lah, eat rice.not sure one what that means lah, maybe he means we can still eat rice lah, not like zimbabwe or burrrmah. play, i mean pray lor. to the gods be kind and messyful.

thak u aaah.
tongue firmly stuck in cheek,

Anonymous said...

Why the stigma about Samsu being "low class" drink ?

Is it just because its local product, the perception is ..it is no good..

Or people have been brainwashed to accept that beer, wine or whiskey from "white man's "land is better for our stomach, soul and social standing...

The Indian must take pride and put Toddy and Samsu to their original pedestal. These ae the preferred drink of your forefather before whitey came...

Put effort to manufacture and market it properly...

Do it... If japanese original home growm drink SAKE is internationally accepted.. Why not Samsu or Toddy..

The Indians have to look into their own self concious and dignity..

Nil said...

Agreed, we must put samsu, toddy, tuak and tapai all on a pedestal. To be honest, a friend of mine and I experimented on toddy on how to bottle it and keep it fresh - unfortunately it is one of those drinks that does not stay fresh too long or changes in flavour if something else is added - but langkau which is a distilled tuak can be marketable.