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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Towards save cities

The Star headline said, "Towards save cities".

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is expected to announce on Monday details of the measures to fight crime under one of the six National Key Results Areas.

Okay, I thought that would mean "safe" cities but hey, if the PM or the top selling English newspaper in Malaysia is saying "save" cities, shall we argue?

I think I'd rather let this rest. I am still young and I don't want to end up on the 5th floor of some building being quizzed by someone of arguing against "save" cities.

Also, who shall argue against reversing the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English. Our English is so good, in fact, we should start teaching English in Bahasa Malaysia or Melayu or whatever that is called now.

Our English is so great, just look at our top selling English national mainstream media.

Then again, the crime in the cities are so bad, going towards safe cities would also mean we are saving the city.

Kearah Menyelematkan Bandaraya.

Take care and be well.


Anonymous said...

YOU and i very lucky man. We are boy-type person. If u girl type person, shake najis hand a second too long, after rusminah C4 u man bugger.

I suspek aah, bugger, the haze aah, partly because of all the C4 smoke. Bugger, KL got no pretty girl already. All the rusmihah blow up, like rubber doll. All go boom. You got pretty wife aah, bugger better hide her lah.

LIke hissler and the mussolini fella lah our dear pee am.

sigh, B

Ser said...

Just to add one more name, that pee fella can also be refered to Stalin...