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Friday, July 3, 2009

Mosquito Invasion

There was rain, then there were mosquitoes.

There has been a huge mosquito invasion around the housing area where I leave.

Every day, I become a killer, I kill at least 20-30 mosquitoes.

Irritating little buggers.

Where did they come from?

I do not see any water clogges areas, then again, they could have come from across the road. Where there is some construction of a petrol station, the one with the yellow and red sign of a sea creature.

There are some clogged areas across the road as well as nearby areas.

Due to this, everyday, my vegetarian and harm no creature self has had little choice but to kill 20-30 mothers, sisters or wives.

Males live for about a week, feeding on nectar and other sources of sugar.

Females will also feed on sugar sources for energy but usually require a blood meal for the development of eggs.

After obtaining a full blood meal, the female will rest for a few days while the blood is digested and eggs are developed.

This process depends on the temperature but usually takes 2–3 days in tropical conditions. Once the eggs are fully developed, the female lays them and resumes host seeking.

The cycle repeats itself until the female dies.

While females can live longer than a month in captivity, most do not live longer than 1–2 weeks in nature.

So, anyway, apologies to all the husbands, sons and borther mosquitoes. Your female species left me little choice.

I just hope there is no dengue outbreak.

I have already called my land owners as well as Miri council but let's see, maybe I need to pay for things to be done faster.

Take care and be well.

1 comment:

bal said...

looked under the bed? might find alien-like monster mother mozzie giant oozing and hissing and laying millions of dem' alien mozzie eggs that become dem' monster alien mozzie larvae and puppae thinggies before they pop open as MONSTER ALIEN BLOOD SUCCCCKING MOZZZZZIES!!!! SHOOT THE DOG, HIDE THE WIFE.. HERE THEY COME BUZZING AND HISSING AND SUCKHING BLOOD AND BODY FLOOIDS AND ...

sigh, gotta lay off the dvds and 10 coffees that go with dem' movieS...