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Monday, July 27, 2009

Memory Lapse

I can clearly remember the 1st day that I went out with wifey. Yet I cannot remember what I gave her for Christmas 7 months ago.

I can remember clearly remember my 16th birthday party, it was not that great, but I can remember it. Yet I cannot remember my 30th birthday party. I am sure I will soon forget my 40th too.

I can clearly remember the day I got married. Yet I cannot clearly remember my 12th anniversary.

I can remember the 1st day I went to the USA for the 1st time and I can even remember the day I came back. Yet I cannot remember many other trips.

I can remember my 1st overseas vacation with wifey. Yet I cannot remember what I did for those 3 days.

I can remember what wifey and I ate and where we had our meal on our first date. Yet I cannot remember what I had for lunch yesterday.

I can remember the day I got Al E, I can remember the feeling when I left him the day I went to Holland. Yet I cannot remember quite a number of things in his life.

Today, we had a whole day team take stock. I can remember we had one last year. Yet I cannot remember the things discussed.

Things become a distant memory, something that is in the big hard disk of ours, they become archived and difficult to retrieve. Yet there are things in the hard disk that may have happened a long time ago but remain in our active memory.

I wish I could remember more, but in all honesty, I remember a lot of good stuff, fun stuff, enjoyable stuff.

Take care and be well.

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Ser said...

You poor thing.....

I remember what you gave me last year for Christmas and anniversary lah...it is pink in colour (the main item) & accessories in relation to the pink gadget ..hint:From Apple... I think you know now....

Anyways don't sweat on these stuff (stuff that you can't remember)...at least you remember the important stuff, e.g. my birthday, your birthday, AL-E's b'day, your parents and in-laws b'days, our wedding date & year etc. etc. etc.