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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nasi Lemak Love

Lovely food waiting for me cooked with a not so secret ingredient, 100% love from wifey and additional slobbering kisses from Al E boy.

Again, got up at 4:14am, went to KL Sentral at 4:50am to check in and to catch the train to KLIA to take my 8:30am flight.

Arrive home, tired, and sleepy to wonderful setup of food that is so appetizing.

Just on Saturday I was talking to dad on how much I was craving nasi lemak. I was tempted to go look for nasi lemak at 9pm on Saturday night in KL. Of course vegetarian nasi lemak is not easy to come by.

No matter, still I wanted to look for it but I also had a lot of things to get done, so, I had to skip my nasi lemak craving.

But I guess my craving telepathically reached Sarah who decided to cook nasi lemak on Sunday. Her vegetarian nasi lemak is the best I have ever had, nobody has come even close to this. Her nasi lemak and her laksa - definitely signature dishes.

Ate a lot, happy to be back, good to be loved and wonderful to love.

Take care and be well.


Ser said...

My pleasure...glad you liked it...

kC said...

nothing quite like it eh?


bal said...

The pictures leave me able to utter only one word, namely... 'yummyslurrps'. We, your(ahem) guests-to-be (ahem) demand to taste some...or is that special sause in the 'tumbok' just for hubby??? :-))

cheeky b.