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Friday, June 27, 2008

Ultimate Tuak at Luak, Post Gawai Party

This is going to be a picture blog, not many words, but knowing me, enough words.

Had a Ultimate Tuak at Luak Post Gawai Party at my home with a few friends on 21st June.
This time it was pot luck and we had a nice variety of food and desserts.
We had different types/vintages of tuak, we had langkau which is distilled tuak, we had performances on my Fender guitar, we drank following traditions, I wore a Orang Ulu costume, we played a short Ultimate flying disc game (Frisbee is a copyright word from Hasbro toys).

We also had a birthday for my buddy and another friend but she could not make it due to other obligations.

There were the usual friends, some new ones and some were missing as they could not make it, like my wife who was in KL during the party and Bu Bu and little udang as they were in some wedding.
It was a little quieter party, but nevertheless it was fun, small group.
And here are some of the pics, for the rest, I'll load them up in Flickr when I have a chance.

Take care and be well.

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