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Friday, June 6, 2008

No ROOM for racism

My wife and I had just taken my mum-in-law and my sis-in-law to a nice restaurant in KLCC today.

After our early lunch, I passed by this nice little shop that I like to frequent to called The Room which sells knick-knacks, interesting stuff.

On my way out, I saw this help wanted sign and due to this help wanted sign, The Room will likely not see me as a customer again until they change their ways in dealing with racism.

The help wanted sign was seeking for a Sales Assistant - but clearly written was Chinese only.

I figured that to stop racism and to not be racist, I have to start with myself and not supporting organizations that are outright and clearly racist. It may be more difficult to do with organizations that are covertly racist but organisations that are openly racist will no longer get my business and I would hope that they will no longer get business from any of my friends.

I therefore like to declare that I will follow to the best of my ability the creed set out by Martin Luther King Jr that all humans are created equal - irrespective of race, religion or the color of our skins as well as James Allen who said "All that a man achieves and all that he fails is a direct result of his own thoughts."

I will no longer support organizations that are outright racist. I will no longer support organizations that do not provide an equal opportunity. It may be difficult to do, but I will try to the best of my human and non-hero abilities to avoid these organizations and places.

I do not understand why there needs to be a race based Sales Assistant in a shop in KLCC Suria which is mostly frequented by all types of people and I am very upset with The Room.

If they required a Chinese speaking Sales Assistant, I may understand partially but still would not agree why such a requirement would be needed in KLCC Suria. But to outright and clearly write Chinese only is an outright racist and I am ashamed of it.

(I will post a picture soon but I have yet to install the bluetooth device for my phone on my laptop and as such unable to do so until I am back to Miri)

I will support organizations that will not discriminate. I will support organizations that have a social conscience.

I will support my friends always but will correct them when needed and I would appreciate friends who would correct me when I am not right either.

Like I said, it will not be easy, but I wish therefore I am.

Take care and be well.

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