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Thursday, June 26, 2008

New computer, more complications

I just bought a new ASUS laptop because my Toshiba laptop seems to have reached its shelf life. I was resisting as much as possible to buy a new computer and tried my utmost best to fix the old one. This is because I liked the old Toshiba plus the economy is not that great, so I wanted to conserve money as much as possible. I was also hoping that with my new role, I would be able to get a company laptop and could use that , but that has not happened yet.

Anyway, why I am writing about this is because my new laptop has some 100++ GB of hard disk space and a 3GB RAM. My first ever computer that belonged to me was a 086 with a 7MB RAM and 40MB hard disk. Can you imagine the differences?

Also, my first ever computer can on DOS and my latest acquisition is running on MS Vista and there is where all the complications lie.

There are so many complications using Vista, amongst which include that your word documents are now automatically are saved as DOX instead of DOC and people without Vista cannot read it. Same goes for all the Office applications under Vista.

Apart from that, I have been unable to compress my pictures using Picasa with Vista OS. My Picasa just hangs.

Also, in my Toshiba, I had a 1GB RAM and the machine was running faster than my new Vista OS with 3GB RAM.

Why am I complaining so much? Well, I always thought that the more advanced the computers get, the easier they will make life for us. However, it seems it has added more complications.

I have been hoping to upload some Ngiling Tikai (or as I called it, Gulung Tikar) Ultimate Tuak in Luak house party I had last week and I have been unable to compress my pictures to do so.

So, hopefully, after all the usual things I have to do this weekend, I hope that I am able to upload the pictures of the Nigiling Tikai in my house. And hopefully I will also be able to take some nice shots at the Ngiling Tikai party in KRP tomorrow.

Take care and be well.

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