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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Bu Bu and Bear Band

Today, Bu Bu, my cubie bro and I decided that we would start a band and we wanted to record an album, The Bu Bu and Bear Band (The four B's for short).

So, first, we decided we need some songs. We already had our version of Favorite things, but to make a CD, we need between eight to twelve songs.

We chose some songs which we are Bu Bu-rizing and Bear-izing, which means changing fairly good popular songs to make it our own, some become funny, some become nice, some become just hilarious and crazy.

We also identified some band members which we would be honored to have although we have not asked them yet, but once our songs are ready and once the two singers are ready, we will convince our band members to join the fray.

On guitar we hope to have Buddy as well as Bu Bu, on drums we would love to have Babeh Mack, on piano we should try and get Gambling Buddha Jo, back up singers Yani, Ah Mei and wifey (hopefully). We are also looking out among our friends who could maybe play trumpet or saxophone.

We have our versions of Favorite Things from The Sound of Music, L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole, It's Not Easy by Five for Fighting, When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating and Kau Ilhamku by Manbai.

We have identified I Write the Songs by Barry Manilow, Too Late by Timbaland, Cats and Cradle by Ugly Kid Joe, Save the Last Dance for Me by Michael Buble and She by Elvis Costello.

Some of the songs above may be difficult to convert and we may have to go to some other songs. I am listening to Beatles while writing this blog post and maybe a Beatles song may be good to add to our list or maybe we will just Let It Be but at the moment I Gotta Pee :-P

Yellow Submarine has been among my favorite songs, maybe even a classic P. Ramlee song Bila Larut Malam. But we want to keep it clean, so, my version of Bila Larut Malam just cannot be done... Bila Larut Malam , sikit goncang sikit goncang, Buka Seluar Dalam, .... well, you get the drift (pun intended) :-P

I hope our band members get on board after we have written and selected our songs. I hope this project is not hangat hangat taik ayam which basically means hot like chicken shit which means just hot for a very short period of time which means something we start off all gung-ho and cool off and never finish the project.

I hope to see Bu Bu and Bear Band CD come out, even if we make just enough copies for just our friends, it would be a nice project while I am still here.

That's all folks, look out for our CD, support us.

Take care and be well.


macK said...

went camping once back in uni with a bunch of friends. one of them brought along a videocam. we all gathered one day after we came back to watch the video and without our knowledge, him and his roomate actually sang 'Yesterday' at the end of the video, my friend playing the guitar. i never forget that. maybe could be in your song choice too?

Nil said...

The story about Yesterday written by Paul McCartney is interesting. He got up with this music in his head one morning but did not have any lyrics for it. So, he just wrote down Scramled eggs, all I want is some scrambled eggs, Ohh I need some scrambled eggs. Thankfully as he decided to write proper lyrics and we have Yesterday, instead of Scrambled Eggs.

Archiereus said...

LOL just might work!

Nil said...

OK, maybe not entirely accurate my story...but they did call it Scrambled Eggs to begin with. And maybe our version of the song will follow the original, scrambled eggs, all I want is some scrambled eggs... :-)