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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another day that time forgot

Got a decent night sleep and car pooled to work today...so did not drive Dungaboy to work.

Spend some time on safety day stuff at work, some time getting some work done and some time doing scripts that I am totally unfamiliar with.

Just another day, already mid-June, and June seems to be passing by like a Malaysian storm, fast, quick and never the same.

I just found out a few days before Gawai and basically at the end of May that my role at work has now changed. I have been promoted to lead the project management team managing a group of seven project managers. This role is effective June 2008.

This is something that deep down I had wished for but did not expect it to be this fast. I have been with my current company for 8 months although I have a wealth of experience and have no doubt in my mind that I can live up to the challenge and the job that I am now doing.

I informed my immediate supervisor, who is a very nice and understanding person although very hardworking and demanding but in a good way, that I am grateful for the opportunity, I am committed to deliver, and I am certain that with his support and guidance and my commitment, I have no doubt in my mind that I will succeed.

This to me has been the law of attraction at work.

I am going to do this but I am still going to maintain my work life balance. I really enjoy my work life balance in Miri, something that is not easy to achieve in Kuala Lumpur, mainly because of distances to work, traffic jams and therefore, amount of time spent sitting in your car.

Today, I car-pooled to work with a friend, as mentioned. I then went to play table tennis with three friends, one who started and the same day as me and we have been friends ever since. We have had similar work experiences and we just clicked. The other friend who has been a friend pretty much since the beginning but a few weeks later. The third friend is my cubicle mate, we took a while to warm up when I first came but we soon clicked so well, we are like brothers. Indian Genius and Indigenous - about the same, we can be brothers.

I have had a lot of good times with these friends over the past months.

Later, after dinner, I went to another friends house with my cubie bro. This time, we met with six other friends, all newer friends, people I got to know in the past few months but nevertheless, we had a blast. We ate, played Pictionary, laughed our hearts out and drank some tuak (local rice wine)

Work life balance.

So, while my blog title is another day that time forgot, it is more to reflect the opposite. Many days here I will remember and cherish, it will not be another day that time forgot, not another day that I will forget.

Side bar:-
For those who may not know, Dungaboy is the name I have given to my Landrover Freelander, my mode of transportation over here. Dungaboy is a South African term for a male buffalo that has been kicked out of his herd - through getting beaten by a younger male buffalo. This solo male buffalo will then usually team up with another solo male buffalo in the same predicament and move around in a pair or max threesome. The herd of hundreds does not want them anymore, so they are left to fend for themselves. They usually are more aggressive then the herd buffalo's mainly because they are fending for themselves. Why my car is called that? Well, there are only two or three Freelanders that I have seen on Miri roads, so similar to a Dungaboy, my Freelander has to fend for itself.

Take care and be well.


Anonymous said...

Interesting day. Phew! Sedap ke tuak tu????? Tak mabuk ke? Overall like your article today. Cheers,

Nil said...

It was an interesting day for you too. My friends were concerned about your mom as well and also asked me the next day if everything was okay. Nevertheless, there are days here where I do have fun and days here that I am feeling alone.