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Friday, April 25, 2008

Stranger in the night

I have had a rather interesting night and a very fun day where very little work was done. There was some work done, but not much.

Now the night was interesting. It was one of those days when my Astro was not working so I did not spend the time in front of the tele.

Well, I had various tabs open on my Internet and I was on Facebook, was on Malaysiakini, was on Malaysia Today, was on Yahoo, Yahoo Sports, and I don't even remember. I was poking, superpoking, my fairy was stealing gold, I send some roses, my vampire, slayer, zombie and werewolf beat up some chumps. Oh well, had a busy night doing some mundane stuff as you can see.

Well, somehow I literally fell asleep on my sofa with a hand on my computer, might have been after 11pm.

However, around 2am, I was awakened by the door bell ringing. I just ignored the door bell for a moment but it rang again, one of those electronic ding dong sounds. So, it woke me up. In my sleepiness, I realized that I don't have a door bell in my house here.

Hmm, I thought, could it have been just a dream... but I heard it again, ding dooooong. My first reaction was that it was some computer sound or phone alarm sound, so I duly turned off my computer and checked both my phones if any alarms had been set on for 2am or thereabouts.

While doing all this, I heard another ding dong bell sound.

Having a little fear but not too afraid or fearful, I went to my kitchen window and tried to look through the window to see if there was anyone at the front door.

Well, I did not see anything and that is when I started to pray as well as tell whatever or whomever was out there to go away and look for another place as they have got the wrong house. At the same time I went to my room, turned on the air-condition, locked the door and turned on the motion sensor alarm in my house.

I surprisingly had a decent sleep thereafter and there was no ding dong sound after my prayer verses.

So, whoever or whatever was out there in the night looking for shelter likely just went to another place or maybe it was all just a dream.

Frank sang it "Strangers in the night, Two lonely people, we were strangers in the night."

Take care and be well.

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