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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Boys are blind

Boys are blind
Because they stop chasing butterflies.
Because they stop playing in dirt.
Because they take life too seriously when it does not matter,
and too casually when it does matter.
Because they rush through life without taking time to smell the roses
and observe the beauty of the world.
Because they are blind to love and they fear it.
Because they are always feeling dejected and rejected
but never want to show their vulnerability.
Because they want too much in their lives
but dare not take the first step into their journey.
Because they do not cry or show true emotion
when they should.
Because they are ruled by lust and physical desire
rather than love and emotional fulfillment.
Because they are physically strong but emotionally and spiritually weak.
Because they never stop chasing girls
even when the best girl in their life is right in front of them.
Because they are blind, they do not see
and they do not feel, hear, sense.
Boys just need to open their eyes and their hearts and then,
And only then, will they be a Man.

Take care and be well.

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